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Morpher folding helmet

Love Them!

We ordered these helmets because we walk a lot and sometimes pretty far away from home and don’t always want to walk back. With all of the street scooters and bicycles available on Bird, Lime, Ofo, and others these days, we wanted helmets that we could easily carry with us and gave us the protection and looks of a regular helmet. THESE ARE PERFECT. The fit and comfort is great and they are so easy to use and they look good too. We have showed many of our friends and they all are impressed. Many are thinking of getting one too. So thanks to Morpher....I would recommend them highly.

good design

The helmet is light and compact after folding. It's easy to release the strap. Very good design.


Fits well

Great gift for cyclists.

Bought this helmet as a gift for a friend to use when he travels. It has become his primary helmet. Well engineered--attractive and practical.


This helmet is convenient and gets me compliments and comments wherever I am. The collapsibility of the helmet allows easy transport. It is breathable and does not overheat my head when on. It is a good helmet and its' best feature is the fact it collapses to allow transport and carrying.


I bike to work, and this helmet fits my needs perfectly! It fits well, and it folds down to a pancake. I can easily put it in its cover and store it in my backpack without it taking up too much room. I highly recommend this for anyone who regularly cycles in an urban environment.

Perfect bicycle helmut to take everywhere

My husband rides a bike all over the city but refuses to carry a bulky helmut and doesn't like the way any of the folding ones feel. We found the morphed helmut and it is amazing - a perfect fit, folds easily, looks great, and is well worth the price.

Very Good Helmet

Easy to carry around when not riding. Comfortable to wear.

Works as advertised

Easy to open, easy to fold back up, easy to use. Not the most comfortable thing in the world when you first put it on, but you don't really notice anymore after it's been on for a little while.

Good design and prompt delivery!

Love the compactness of the helmet. Think the design would be more complete if a safety light was installed at the back of the helmet :)

Hi Ang, Thanks so much for your kind review. We are certainly looking at all kinds of additions to the helmet and lights are of course one of them. Please watch this space! We'll contact all of our lovely customers whenever we come out with new products. Many thanks and wishing you many years of happy and safe Morphering Jeff
A brilliant innovation

I love my folding helmet! A good, comfortable fit and I can stash it in my backpack and carry it with me at all times. It’s perfect for downtown bike share, to always have the option to jump on a bike. I’m very happy with my Morpher folding helmet!


Morpher folding helmet

First Review

Today I spent the longest time using the helmet and I like the folding element and it’s comfortable wearing but I’m having fit issues with the chin straps. I’m certain a little adjusting should remedy the issue.
Overall I’m pleased and will see how increased opening and closings will impact the feel or fit.
Great Helmet and definitely recommend it.

Love it!

As a commuter who uses bikeshare one way, Morpher has been a huge improvement in my life - no longer carrying around a bulky helmet and bumping other people with it when I take the subway. Plus it looks so much better than the other collapsible options I've seen. (Bonus: People stop and ask me about it all the time. At least twice a week someone asks to take a photo of it.) Only slight downside so far - I used to attach a light to my helmet and have yet figured out a good way to do that with the Morpher.


Morpher folding helmet

Love the Morpher

If folds well for travel, fits well (I have a fairly large head), and feels solid once unfolded and locked. We bought a second one for my wife.


Morpher folding helmet

Great for Urban Bike Share Users

Just started with Citibike here in NYC and this helmet is great. Fits easily in my tote and doesn't take much closet space at home. Comfortable, custom fit with some strap adjustment. I got red so I would be very visible -- and it matches my favorite lipstick. :)

Best commuter helmet ever

I ride a Citibike to work daily and I wear Morpher. It is very well engineered, well constructed and best of all, it collapses and fits in my backpack. I recently bought two as gifts. The fact that it is easy to store, dramatically increases its use rate.

It’s a great product.

Great helmet, love the compactness

Very solid build helmet and yet it’s slim and compact to store. Very sturdy product and build quality are great.

Amazing helmets

Love the product! It packs small, looks great and safe. We are using them for our ride around the world

Great so Far

I’ve only had my morphed a few weeks, but so far I love it. It folds down quickly and is smaller than I thought. I had to correct some wrong information in my order, and the customer service was great. The helmet wouldn’t stay closed when it first arrived, but I sat books on top of it while folded for 24 hours and now it works like a charm.


Morpher folding helmet


Morpher folding helmet