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Morpher folding helmet


Morpher folding helmet

Love it

Works great with a folding travel bike. Their sizing is true. My head measured upper limits of their fitting, and sure enough! It fit if let out all the way! It barely fits.. I couldn’t be happier

Germany tour

Perfect for stashing away when going to the museum or beer garden!

Works great for Bike Sharing!

Bought a morpher for use with bike sharing in my city and for traveling. It works as advertised and fits well. High recommendation!

You made it!

Super product. Folding mechanism is perfect. Keep on! I will recommend it.

Medium-minor downside: Helmet doesn't fit from the start. Fits tightly when adjusted and fixed by straps, my normal helmet fits just by putting it on my head.
Minor downside: the back lace sits quite high and doesn't seem to be stable (because it's just a 2-point-fixed lace). Corresponds maybe with the fit above.
Minor-minor downside: When closing the chin lace sometimes falls inside the helmet and blocks.

Hey, it's a fucking FOLDING HELMET! Get it, how cool is that? These downsides really don't matter that much, they are more because I'm a damned perfectionist german engineer.

Love it, but don't use FedEx to Israel

Loved it very much. Few things about delivery to Israel:
All shipped goods that cost more then 75$ requires you to pay tax, and it's an annoying process.
Israeli post isn't good, but it has gotten better over the last few years. It handles those taxes quite well.
All the express delivery companies take a lot of money from customers to release products from the customs office.
I payed 75 ILs to FedEx just to release it from customs office, because they charge you extra for every day that your parcel is held at customs.
Try to work with Israel mail, if you can.


Morpher folding helmet


As my expectations have been fullfilled I am completely satisfied with the product and the servivce.

great purchase

Was delivered very quickly and has been an exceptional helmet.

I love it

I really do love this helmet. Looking forward to the summer so I can be back on the bike for my daily commute!

Awesome helmet

This is the best collapsible helmet


All aspects of customer service was excellent. I was sorry to have had to return helmet. I felt helmet was not as well suited as my existing helmet for long touring days. As a commuting helmet it would have worked for me. Thank ypu for your cooperation.


Morpher folding helmet


Morpher folding helmet

Great Helmet

So far, I've been very impressed with my Morpher purchase. The helmet fits well on my head, and its thin profile fits in my backpack along with other standard commuter items. It's great to not have a helmet dangling from my side all day long!

My only concern is that one of the side clips that snap the helmet together is a little sticky. It doesn't click in as easily as the other 3 clips. This could be looked at for future models.


I got my Morpher helmet in time for my travel. Thanks for tje efficiency

Great helmet

Bought the helmet and taken it for a few rides so far on my Brompton folding bike. It’s much easier to carry around a folded helmet than a fully expanded one to be sure, especially when I’m using the Brompton for city commuting and running errands! Great idea.

Perfect for commuting

Needed a helmet for CitiBike, Morpher is perfect. Elegant design btw.

My Review

I fell off my bike onto a Hawaiian volcano but my Morpher saved me. No joke. I bought another.

Alan, I am just completely over the moon to hear that Morpher saved you. This is exactly what makes all of the stress of the past seven years, designing and developing Morpher, so worthwhile. Please stay safe and more power to you. Best wishes Jeff

Morpher folding helmet

Fully Satisfied!

I was going to write you an email myself because I appreciate your product!
Thank you! Make it a little cheaper and I'll get myself a new one in about five years time.


Morpher folding helmet


Love how this works. Full protection but the ability to be able to collapse it to carry around when not on my bike. Fantastic.

Great present

My brother bought this for me as a present. It's comfortable, secures well to my head and folds up small to fit in my bag. Great present!