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Morpher folding helmet


Great product

Morpher folding helmet

Love this design.

I haven’t yet used the helmet but I really like its design and fit. Great idea. I am going to always put it in my suitcase when traveling so that I can rent Lime Bird scooters which I won’t use without a helmet. Thank you for inventing this helmet.

Great helmet, folds up, easy to carry. Long live morpher!

Good helmet that packs well.

We bought a couple of Morpher helmets to travel with, so we can rent bikes and use our own helmets. They are easy to snap together and adjust very easy to get a good fit. The ability to collapse them makes it easy to pack around in the luggage. We wore them today on a half day bike ride in Tucson afternoon sun and they were well ventilated.

Better than anticipated

the helmet opens and folds so easily! it is light, and fits in my purse. I love it.

Fast, funky and fun

Overall - Great cycle helmet. Fast to fold up and pack back down. Looks good with a good selection of colour options. And they have unlocked the joy of using eScooters in a safe way.

Great helmet

I needed a helmet I could carry easily on crowded trains in my commute. This has worked perfectly and now I wear it all the time instead of leaving my helmet at home like I used to.

Morpher folding helmet

Morpher folding helmet

Perfecto option for bicycle trips

Easy to transport, you can integrate the use of the bicycle with public transport.

Surprise Comfort!

I’m surprised at how comfortable this helmet is to wear. Like everything foldable, it will take you a couple of runs to internalize the folding mechanism, but once you get used to it, it works really well, and is super-comfortable! I haven’t had the “opportunity” to test it in a crash yet, but it wears and folds well...

Great product!

This helmet goes everywhere and feels completely solid. Thanks!

It’s a Xmas Gift for my
Grand-son, unable to
Give a review at this time.

prompt free delivery

I bought this as a Christmas gift so I can't review the helmet. However, I am impressed with the prompt, free delivery via DHS to Hawaii. A rare and beautiful service.

Super Compact

This helmet is very light weight and comfortable. Easy to collapse and open. Not sure why some were having issues opening and closing the helmet and keeping it ridged; it is easy to open and set then clips and equally easy to then unclamped the clips to close (you do have to use some pressure but it’s not difficult. Well padded and ridged when on. I finally found a helmet that doesn’t shift forward as I wear it, I have a small head. I was easily able to attach my mirror and can leave it attached when folded and stashed into the carry bag without compromising either. I haven’t worn it much I purchased it mainly for travelling, and with the winter settling in haven’t been out cycling much. I purchased the yellow to be more noticeable when out on the roads. The colour is real nice. Delivery was faster than I expected. Price was reasonable too. So far very happy with my purchase and would recommend.

Bike helmet

I bought this for my husband... he is using it and loves it

airplane touring

especially good helmet for taking with a coupled or folding bicycle in baggage by air

Cool design and lightweight

Once you figure out how it snaps into shape, it's a snap! Go for it

Thanks so much Michelle. Great comment... and as you say, it's a snap. Hope you have years of safe and serene Morphering. Best regards Jeff (Founder and CEO)
mprpher folding helmet

I bought this helmet for travel, because it seemed easy to pack, and it is. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to use it on my recent travels. My only problem is that I have had some trouble getting all 4 catches to catch. A friend did it, so i hope that i will be able to do it with practice.

Hi Ellen Thanks very much for your review. The catches do get much easier to use once you get used to them. If they seem stiff and hard to press then please refer to what I wrote to Farah Sandhu and maybe check out the video link in the same reply. I wish you many years of happy and safe Morphering. Thanks for being one of our valued customers. Jeff (CEO and Founder)
Great idea perfectly executed

Have bought 6 helmets for my loved ones. Being able to fold it and carry it in a bag is amazing.

Thanks so much Jack. Hope you have many happy and safe Morphering miles. Jeff (CEO and Founder)
Never felt safer

I ride in Toronto all year for the past 15 years. I’ve had every brand of helmet from Bell to Catlike and nothing made me feel as confident about being on the road as my Morpher.

That is so great to hear. Most of our users find a well adjusted Morpher to be incredibly comfortable and easy to use. This is partly because of its flexibility. I wish yo many years of happy and safe Morphering. Jeff (CEO and founder)

Love it!

Love them!

With all of the street scooters and bicycles available on Bird, Lime, Ofo, and others these days, we wanted helmets that we could easily carry with us and gave us the protection and looks of a regular helmet. THESE ARE PERFECT. The fit and comfort is great and they are so easy to use and they look good too. We have showed many of our friends and they all are impressed. Many are thinking of getting one too. So thanks to Morpher....I would recommend them highly.

- William Persky via

Love my Morpher!

I live in New York and use citibikes daily to get to work and elsewhere. This helmet squeezes beautifully into my very small backpack or purse, allowing me to have a helmet with me at all times--allow for spontaneous cycling! It's very easy to collapse and assemble, and adjustments to fit were easy. I can't recommend this helmet enough!

- JH | NYC via

Great product, excellent design innovation!

I love this helmet - it has become my favorite whether I need to fold it and put in in my messenger bag or not. But the slim profile when folded makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere using a slender shoulder bag. I especially love the look on friends' faces when I collapse it and hand it to them!

- Lee Leightgon | Portland OR via

Best commuter helmet ever...

I ride a Citibike to work daily and I wear Morpher. It is very well engineered, well constructed and best of all, it collapses and fits in my backpack. I recently bought two as gifts. The fact that it is easy to store, dramatically increases its use rate.

- Mitchell Gordon via

Morpher, as seen in….

1) What head sizes does the Morpher helmet fit ?
Our helmet is fully adjustable and fits most teens and adults and is certified for heads with a circumference of 52 cm to 58 cm (20.5 inches to almost 23 inches). It may not fit really, really large heads (but we are talking about NFL lineman-sized heads). In the near future, we plan to produce a range of sizes including larger sizes and also Children’s helmets.
2) What colors are available?
The currently available colors are: Matt Black, Shiny Black, Frosty White, Regal Red, Stunning Silver, Gunmetal Grey and Sunshine Yellow. Other colors will be offered from time to time. If you see a color you want, we suggest you order it at that time. After inventory runs out it may be a long time before that color is again available.

Please ensure that you order the correctly certified helmet for your destination.
3) Where is Morpher certified for use?
Morpher is certified for use throughout the World excluding Australia. It has CPSC certification which covers the United States and CE EN1078 certification which covers the rest of the World, other than Australia.
4) How much is international shipping?
International shipping is completely free. We use tracked mail wherever we can for both speed and accountability.
5) When will my Morpher arrive?
We aim to ship your helmet at the earliest opportunity, normally on the day that you order or if your order is received after the cut off time, on the next business day. Our free shipping takes around 3-6 working days to most parts of the world. We will send you a tracking number as soon as your helmet has been dispatched. We will keep you updated on the progress of your delivery by SMS or e-mail and let you know when it is due to be delivered.
6) Will my helmet be delivered free of all duties and/or taxes?
Sales tax and/or duties will depend on the city, state (if applicable) and country where you live. Customers are responsible for paying sales tax.
7) What is the warranty on my Morpher ?
Every Morpher helmet is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This means that in the unlikely event of a fault in materials or manufacture within this period, it can be returned to us and we will replace it free of charge.
8) What is your returns policy for helmets bought directly from Morpher?
Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not completely happy with your Morpher helmet then please contact us at within 30 days of receiving your helmet to initiate the return/exchange process. We will next send you an email with an RMA number and provide return instructions. To be eligible for a refund or exchange, the helmet must be unused, in its original packaging and with all labels and tabs attached to the helmet and you must have been issued an RMA number. Helmets that have been used or damaged, were not bought directly from our website or do not have an authorized RMA number may be denied a refund or exchange. We will make every effort to expedite the processing of your refund or exchange. Once we receive your helmet, please allow 3-5 business days for your refund or exchange request to be processed.
9) How flat is Morpher when it is folded?
It is, amazingly, just 6.3cm or 2.5 inches thin.
10) What do I do if I damage my Morpher?
If your helmet is dropped or damaged in an accident, then the warranty becomes void and we strongly recommend that you do not use it again. There may be cracks and or compressions that are invisible and the helmet may no longer be effective in the event of an accident.
11) How can I clean my Morpher?
A simple wipe with a damp cloth should be sufficient. If it has become very dirty, use a simple soap and water. Do not use abrasives or industrial cleaners.
12) The magnets in my Morpher have stopped working. What can I do?
Morpher’s hinge system is made from a special grade of nylon with a strong “memory” and if it has been left open for a while, it opposes the closing action of the magnets and tries to force the helmet back open. This has the effect of making the magnets appear to have lost their strength, when this is actually not the case.

The solution is to close the helmet and put a weight, like a book, on top of it, to keep it closed. Do this for a few hours, although overnight is best, and the helmet will snap shut just as it did when you first received it. Please make sure that the straps are all outside of the helmet before trying to close it or it will not be able to snap shut.
13) The catch on my helmet is stiff and hard to lock it into place. What can I do?
The catch components are designed and built to last for many thousands of operations and are made of extremely tough materials. Sometimes, after long term use and also occasionally in new helmets, these can be difficult to press into a locked position. If this is the case then please follow the advice on this video to carefully lubricate the catches and this should make them incredibly easy to lock into place.
14) I want to give a Morpher as a Xmas present. When do I need to order?
Be sure to place your order by December 14th for arrival by December 24th or or two weeks in advance of Hannukah to ensure that the gift arrives in time for the holidays.
15) How do I open my Morpher helmet?
It’s very simple to open your helmet and after doing it just a few times it becomes intuitive and automatic. Please make sure that you read the instructions that came with your helmet and watch this short video.
16) How do I adjust my straps and fit system so that it is ready to be worn safely?
The Morpher helmet has an adjustable fit system inside, which enables you to fit the helmet to your liking. When fitting the helmet to your head, we recommend that you expand the fit system to the largest size, put the helmet on your head and then adjust the fit system to make the helmet fit snugly. We also recommend that you use 2 hands or ask a friend to help. Once the fit is set, it will stay in position unless you decide to adjust it again. Next, you should carefully adjust the straps, buckle and fitting system to ensure that your Morpher is a good and secure fit. Please be sure to read the instruction booklet that accompanies your helmet and watch this short video guide for detailed instructions on how to fit your Morpher helmet correctly.
17) How do I close my Morpher helmet after I’ve worn it?
This doesn’t make sense, change it to “it’s incredibly easy to fold (or close) your helmet flat. Please watch this short video in order to see how to close your helmet quickly and easily.
18) I love my Morpher helmet. Do you have a referral system?
We’re so pleased to hear you say that! We have a referral program so that if you’d like to recommend Morpher helmets to your friends, colleagues, family or anyone you want to keep safe, then we’ll be happy to give you $20 for every new customer you refer. Please follow this link to sign up.