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airplane touring

especially good helmet for taking with a coupled or folding bicycle in baggage by air

Cool design and lightweight

Once you figure out how it snaps into shape, it's a snap! Go for it

Thanks so much Michelle. Great comment... and as you say, it's a snap. Hope you have years of safe and serene Morphering. Best regards Jeff (Founder and CEO)
mprpher folding helmet

I bought this helmet for travel, because it seemed easy to pack, and it is. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to use it on my recent travels. My only problem is that I have had some trouble getting all 4 catches to catch. A friend did it, so i hope that i will be able to do it with practice.

Hi Ellen Thanks very much for your review. The catches do get much easier to use once you get used to them. If they seem stiff and hard to press then please refer to what I wrote to Farah Sandhu and maybe check out the video link in the same reply. I wish you many years of happy and safe Morphering. Thanks for being one of our valued customers. Jeff (CEO and Founder)
Great idea perfectly executed

Have bought 6 helmets for my loved ones. Being able to fold it and carry it in a bag is amazing.

Thanks so much Jack. Hope you have many happy and safe Morphering miles. Jeff (CEO and Founder)
Never felt safer

I ride in Toronto all year for the past 15 years. I’ve had every brand of helmet from Bell to Catlike and nothing made me feel as confident about being on the road as my Morpher.

That is so great to hear. Most of our users find a well adjusted Morpher to be incredibly comfortable and easy to use. This is partly because of its flexibility. I wish yo many years of happy and safe Morphering. Jeff (CEO and founder)

Love it!


Great product fastdelivery allaround great. Super light, too. Took a while to figure out the way to fit it but FOLLOW DIRECTIONS because they help. I'd recommend to anyone. Love that i can fold it and take it in a purse. (large purse but a purse)

Great product, excellent design innovation!

I love this helmet - it has become my favorite whether I need to fold it and put in in my messenger bag or not. But the slim profile when folded makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere using a slender shoulder bag. I especially love the look on friends' faces when I collapse it and hand it to them!
~Lee in Portland, Oregon USA

Light as air

Light as air, and I can fit it in my bag so I don’t have to lug it around all day (I commute multiple times through the day). I feel much safer biking around the city streets of New York with this helmet.

Enjoying it

So far too good, Wish it locked out a little more clearly, but the click when flattening is very satisfying and truly is flat.

Works perfectly - so far

Bought this for travelling in the US. Only tried it once at home and it's brilliant. Didn't have an accident so can't report on how well it performs in that respect however it's easy to use, light and compact and to all intents and purposes appears as if it will provide great protection in the event of an accident. Special shout out to the Customer Service guys who were very helpful in arranging for me to get a US version of the helmet.


Comfortable, practical and — most important— effective.

Loving it!

I finally got my Morpher helmet and it rocks! Being able to fold it down when I’m shopping or just out with friends is a huge help. Having to attach my old helmet to the outside of my backpack always made me feel like a bit of a “loser in Lycra” but now I can simply ride to the pub and hang out without having to advertise my mode of transport. What a great idea.


Great helmet for a typical NYC commuter who loved renting a Citibank bike. The helmet fits perfect in my work bag and gives me the protection I need. Love it!!

Morpher Helmets

We look forward to trying our helmets when we get to Europe on September 19

Morpher folding helmet

The best

I bought a Morpher for myself a year ago for commuting in New York City. I loved it so much that I bought a second one for my hubbie for his birthday. I get compliments on it every day... It fits into my backpack really well and makes commuting by bike a breeze. I strongly recommend Morpher.

Great helmet and excellent customer service!

The helmet is fantastic! And after my first one had a small defect, they gladly sent me another, which is perfect.

Great Helmet

I love my folding helmet. Took it to Europe. Use it when I ride citibike. It's small and easy to carry. Like the American Express card, I don't leave home without it.

I love my Morpher, but they break

I love my Morpher helmet, but unfortunately this is my second one. I just bought my second Morpher helmet after the first one broke after months and months of normal use. I would recommend the Morpher helmet for people who work and need to put their helmet in their laptop bag.

Ver good

It's easy to open and fold. Can have it in my backpack, so I have it ready if I should use a city-bike. Miss padding at the top of my head.

LOVE it!

The helmet is just great! I’m able to utilize just a wee little backpack and this fits snugly inside. It’s easy to open and quickly ‘assemble,’ comes with a handy bag to keep all straps in check in my bag, and fits nicely. Unhooking the chinstrap is also a very easy process. Ordering was easy and customer service was very responsive when I had a question. I can’t say enough about how happy this helmet makes me!

Thanks so much for your lovely review JH... I really appreciate your kind words. I wish you years and years of happy and safe Morphering. Best regards Jeff
Well designed

This helmet exceeded my expectations. It fits better than any helmet I’ve ever owned, and slips away easily into my bag making it quite portable.

One thing I’d love to have is a clip or way to keep the helmet flat when folded. It wants to spring back into helmet shape.

Hi David Thanks for your kind review. I was concerned to read that your helmet isn't snapping shut. Please try to ensure that when you close it that nothing is inside the helmet. It's best to hold it the right way up and ensure that the straps and fit system are OUTSIDE the the helmet so that when it closes there is nothing inside. If you do this then hopefully it will snap shut with no further problems. I hope that this helps but please let me know if it doesn't. Wishing you many years of happy and safe Morphering. Jeff
Effective product

the title expresses my thoughts totally :)